Darcy Bunnie
Crèche - Fulham

Have you often wanted just an hour or two break; to meet friends for a coffee, treat yourself to a beauty treatment or lose yourself in a book? While you had that break would you like your children to be having a wonderful time?

Darcy Bunnie provides the best education and loving care for children, we focus on all aspects of your child’s development, where he/she can realise their full potential. We make great efforts to ensure that your child’s time with us is full of fun, laughter and interest. Our primary aim is of providing high quality childcare and education. Putting the needs of the child first is important and with qualified and experienced staff Darcy Bunnie is able to ensure the best start in life for your child.

We create a caring and stimulating environment in which your child can flourish, provide a flexible approach that can cater for all your needs as well as provide the widest range of activities to ensure children develop to their maximum potential including dance, drama, singing and creative play.

Book in from 1hr-12hrs


1 hour @ £9.00
2 hours @ £18.00
3 hours @ £25.00
4 hours @ £33.25
5 hours @ £41.50
6 hours @ £48.00

7 hours @ £56.00
8 hours @ £62.00
9 hours @ £69.75
10 hours @ £77.50
11 hours @ £85.25
12 hours @ £93.00

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* Please note a booking form must be completed before you leave your child with us. You can do this in person at the Crèche on your 1st visit.

* Cancellations or no shows are non refundable.